Demo Day #2 Ended Successfully! Winners Announced!

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Since our inception, Moledao has been dedicated to encouraging blockchain developers to create great projects in the Web 3.0 space. We have successfully held two global hackathons and a Demo Day, and some of the best projects from these events have steadily grown and progressed further. At the same time, some of these projects needed more capital support for further development and scale. So we organized the second Demo Day.

Demo Day is a showcase event organized by Moledao for Web3.0 startups, with the aim of helping projects get exposure and noticed by multiple investment institutions, as well as helping projects build their brands and connect them with potential partners and resources.

The registration period for Demo Day #2 is from November 7, 2022 to December 5, 2022 where we received a total of 46 valid registrations. There were many projects that have already received funding and have mature products and there are also very early-stage projects looking to get resources and expert advice through Demo Day.

There were eight projects entering Demo Day as a MoleUnicorn Finalist, namely (in alphabetical order): Bitskwela, FindTruman, Forbitspace, Homespace Metaverse, Nawarat, Neon Sundae, Let’s MeMe, Storya.

Eight projects entered the Demo Day as a MoleStarter Finalist, namely (in alphabetical order): ERM LABS, Furion, Gummys, Metapioneers, Mirror World Smart SDK, Rosen Bridge, SweeFi, TRINVI.

Demo Day #2 was held online on December 14 and 15, 2022. Three winners from each MoleUnicorn and MoleStarter categories were selected by the judges.

01 | Co-organizer, Cabin VC

Moledao Demo Day #2 is organized by Moledao in partnership with Cabin VC, a venture capital fund and global resource network focused on investing in the media network and hardware ecosystem.

Cabin VC is centered on investment and side supported by media networks and hardware ecosystem. They are committed to the research of blockchain technology and its various applications.

02 | Judges

There were 12 judges for this Demo Day. They are: (in alphabetical order by organization)

  1. Atlas Capital, Fuchong
  2. Bitrise Capital, Kelsey Lee
  3. Blockchain Founders Fund, XR
  4. Buidlers Tribe, Raghu
  5. Cabin VC, Ryan Lam
  6. Cipholio, Jonas Zhao
  7. Mindfulness Capital, Jinya Lin
  8. Moledao, ZF
  9. NGC Ventures, Alvin
  10. Polkastarter, Adrian
  11. Polkastarter, Deepak
  12. Youbi Capital, Enzo
  13. Youbi Capital, Ivy Zeng

Thanks to the judges for their support!

03 | Demo Day Winner Projects


Relatively mature projects can participate in the Demo Day as a MoleUnicorn finalist. The criteria to be in the MoleUnicorn category is that the project has been in existence for more than six months or has raised more than $100,000 USD, and eight finalists were shortlisted to pitch in this category. Each project brought a great presentation and you can watch it here: Demo Day #2 MoleUnicorn YouTube live replay.

The three MoleUnicorn projects that emerged as winners from the judges’ deliberations were:

1st Place Winner: Storya

Storya is a new creator economy super-app that offers readers the chance to experience stories from anywhere in the world like never before. For creative writers, Storya offers free access to Artificial Intelligence and blockchain tools to create, share and monetize multimedia stories.

2nd Place Winner: Nawarat

Nawarat is a real time and accurate decentralized appraisal protocol. The protocol suggests they can accurately appraise all NFTs through expert valuation, providing inquirers with accurate prices and also providing appraisal nodes with respective rewards and returns. Solving the NFT valuation issue can greatly empower the NFT ecosystem and brings immense value. Nawarat hopes this protocol will be widely used, solving the NFT valuation issue and assisting in the development of the NFT ecosystem.

3rd Place Winner: Homespace Metaverse

Homespace is a Metaverse with photorealistic graphics where boundaries between real and virtual worlds are erased. It is a new type of social network that will allow spending time with friends in public virtual spaces and private worlds. Currently, their team is developing gaming zones, a DeFi city with a wide variety of financial products, a university with educational projects, and working on many other fabulous spaces. Part of the Homespace project is Artificial Intelligence, which eventually will be developed into an AI Assistant, a friend, or even a companion.


Relatively early-stage projects are also eligible to participate in the Demo Day as a MoleStarter finalist. The criteria to be in the MoleStarter category were that the project had to be less than six months old and has had less than $100,000 USD in funding. Eight projects were shortlisted as a MoleStarter finalist, all of whom were creative and passionate during their pitches: Demo Day #2 MoleStarter YouTube live stream.

The three winners from the MoleStarter category, as determined by the judges, were:

1st Place Winner: ERM LABS

ERM LABS is a pioneer in breaking through the physical boundaries of traditional escape rooms, bringing an on-chain experience into the metaverse.

2nd Place Winner: SweeFi is a decentralized AMT(Automated Market Taker) built on the Sui public chain. The main purpose of is to let everyone benefit from market making, while improving the ecological liquidity of SUI with higher efficiency and stability for DeFi.

3rd Place Winner: Mirror World Smart SDK

The Mirror World Smart SDK is a cross-platform interface that provides simple, declarative API interfaces for building Mobile and Web Applications into Web 3 Architecture. Their core SDK primarily provides features around Authentication, NFT APIs, Marketplaces and Storefronts, Tokenization and On-ramp strategies.

04 | Sponsors

Special thanks to the following organizations for their support of Demo Day #2.

1. Bybit (

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in March 2018 to offer a professional platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multilingual community support. The company provides innovative online spot and derivatives trading services, mining and staking products, and API support to retail and institutional clients worldwide, and strives to be the most reliable exchange for the emerging digital asset class.

2. Numen Cyber (

Numen Cyber is a Singapore-based cyber security company focusing on Web3 security, threat detection and response. They provide industry-leading Web3 Security Solutions, which completely cover all cybersecurity requirements of all kinds of Web3 application scenarios.

3. Slash (

Slash is a one-stop Web3 SaaS platform that provides end-to-end self-service solutions for businesses and brands to create their own NFT business models by breaking down all tech barriers. Slash Genesis Pass Card is the passport to your NFT-Club, linking Web2 to Web3, and comes with many benefits.

4. Spheron (

Spheron Network is a Web Hosting and Compute layer abstraction for Web2 and Web3 Companies to utilize the power of decentralized infrastructure. Spheron Network is a developer marketplace connecting Web3 infrastructure protocol to developers wrapped in an easy-to-use no-code platform.

05 | Winner Awards

Congratulations once again to the above winning projects!

All 6 winners will receive six months free access of Pro Pack access to Spheron’s platform. They will also receive a complimentary 100-line smart contract code audit service from Spheron’s partner, DeTaSecure.

All 16 shortlisted projects will also receive one month of free access to Spheron’s Pro Pack. (For more information on the shortlisted project’s profile, you can refer to Moledao’s medium channel).

Spheron will also handpick project(s) to share a 1000 USDC prize pool, which they have kindly sponsored.

06 | Closing Notes

Congratulations again to all the winners and shortlisted projects. You have done a great job preparing your deck and presenting your project to the judges.

Thanks to our co-organizer Cabin VC for their support.

Thanks to our sponsors BYBIT, Numen Cyber, Slash, and Spheron for their support of Demo Day #2.

And thanks to all the judges for their time and effort.

Demo Day #2 MoleUnicorn YouTube live replay:

Demo Day #2 MoleStarter YouTube live replay:

Moledao will regularly run a Demo Day every 2 to 3 months. If your project was not shortlisted or you missed signing up for Demo Day, keep building! You can use this time to polish your project and apply to join us for the next event.

You are also welcome to approach us to discuss any potential collaboration to help connect you with the resources needed to realize your goals.

MoleStarter Platform

We also welcome you to feature your project on our latest showcase platform: MoleStarter.

You will be able to feature what you’re working on to our community, which includes VCs and investors. This will also be a channel for users who would like to support your project via financial contributions directly to you!

If this sounds something of interest to you, you can register here!

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