Demo Day #2 shortlisting is over! Which project caught your eye?

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Since its establishment last year, Moledao has held two global hackathons and one demo day to encourage blockchain developers to build projects in the Web 3.0 space. As time has passed, many of these projects have matured and are now in need of additional capital to develop and expand their products. Furthermore, these projects may also require more resources and support as they begin to enter the market.

To assist these entrepreneurial projects in connecting with investment institutions and to help them build their brand and grow their resource network, Moledao has organized its second Demo Day.

Demo Day is an event where teams present their projects to investors and developers in order to gain exposure and garner potential investment opportunities and partnership with like-minded organisations.

Registration of the second Demo Day was open for a month from 07 Nov 2022 to 05 Dec 2022. During this period, we received 46 valid project submissions, including both mature projects which have working products, as well as projects which are still in infancy.

01 | Co-organizer, Cabin VC

Moledao Demo Day #2 is co-organised with Cabin VC. A venture capital fund & A network of global resources.

Cabin VC is centered on investment and side supported by media networks and hardware ecosystem. Cabin VC is committed to the research of blockchain technology and its various applications.

02 | MoleStarter Shortlisted projects

Here are the eight MoleStarter projects shortlisted from the 46 submissions in no particular order:


TRINVI is a blockchain initiative launched by Transvision to support the transitioning of its business units onto the new era of decentralized digital economy. TRINVI believes that digital creators, fans, and viewers should be able to interact to build better content and further extend that content’s universe. Their initiators aim to bridge the broadcasting industry with the new digital economy and invite everyone to participate!

T02 — Furion

Furion is an all-in-one NFT liquidity platform that creates separate & aggregated liquidity pools, enabling fractionating your NFT. After that, you can swap, borrow and lend, even long or short NFT futures and derivatives, in a completely permissionless manner to fully utilize the value of your NFT.

T03 — Gummys

Gummys is a Web3.0-powered video and streaming platform with a fully operable product allowing users to generate income by creating, minting and trading tokenised media content as NFT, watching videos and more engaging actions.

They are building a platform where it is possible to talk freely and in an engaging way about the FUTURE, innovation, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT and all related ideas — all of the “building blocks” that will be part of our next iteration of the internet.

T04 — Metapioneers

MetaPioneers combines the power of DeFi & NFTs to create an entertaining DApp earning its users sustainable yield in perpetuity. They minimize the long and harsh learning process and enable users to understand Web3 via entertainment and focus on longevity and consistency financially. An excellent combination of knowledge and technology for Web3 users.


ERM LABS is a pioneer in breaking through the physical boundaries of traditional escape rooms, bringing an on-chain experience into the metaverse.

T06 — Mirror World Smart SDK

The Mirror World Smart SDK is a cross-platform interface that provides simple, declarative API interfaces for building Mobile and Web Applications into Web 3 Architecture. Our core SDK primarily provides features around Authentication, NFT APIs, Marketplaces and Storefronts, Tokenization and On-ramp strategies.

T07 — Rosen Bridge

Rosen Bridge is an intersection of real and virtual worlds. The lands on Rosen’s planet are based on real-world addresses, like a mirrored virtual world. This is a new parallel world that you can live in and redefine your identity.

T08 — SweeFi is a decentralized AMT(Automated Market Taker) built on the Sui public chain. The main purpose of is to let everyone benefit from market making, while improving the ecological liquidity of SUI with higher efficiency and stability for DeFi.

03 | MoleUnicons Shortlisted Projects

Initially, we only intended to shortlist seven MoleUnicorn projects from 46 submissions. But due to the number of high-quality submissions, we selected another one more, bringing it to a total of 8 MoleUnicorn projects shortlisted!

T09 — FindTruman

FindTruman platform aims to provide infrastructure and focus on the User-Generated Content to produce stories and other interesting content in the form of story-gameplay. It contains story-gameplay platform and UGC Editor platform. In story-gameplay, players could enjoy the unprecedented gaming experience while obtain incentives at the same time. In UGC Editor, the creators could co-create their contents and release their story NFT to become more profitable. It will give explosive growth for the production of high quality content and forms a positive cycle.

T10 — Bitskwela

Bitskwela is a Philippine-based EdTech company that aims to lead Web2 natives from curiosity to participation through simplified, multi-layer, and multilingual Web3 education in partnership with global institutions, ecosystems, and communities, ultimately accelerating the rate of adoption of blockchain technology. The company has been featured by multiple media giants such as CNN, Esquire, BusinessWorld, KrAsia, Yahoo! Finance, and many more, adding further testament to Bitskwela’s mission in the Philippines.

T11 — Homespace Metaverse

Homespace is a Metaverse with photorealistic graphics where boundaries between real and virtual worlds are erased. It is a new type of social network that will allow spending time with friends in public virtual spaces and private worlds. Currently, their team is developing gaming zones, a DeFi city with a wide variety of financial products, a university with educational projects, and working on many other fabulous spaces. Part of the Homespace project is Artificial Intelligence, which eventually will be developed into an AI Assistant, a friend, or even a companion.

T12 — Neon Sundae

Neon Sundae (formerly known as Founders Lab) is THE Upwork on Steroids that aims to empower the Future of Work by acting as a Web2 to Web3 bridge for organisations through infrastructure, adaptors and talent solutions for them to build in Web3; all while enabling and empowering talents to build their proof of work on the blockchain.

T13 — Nawarat

Nawarat is a real time and accurate decentralized appraisal protocol. The protocol suggests they can accurately appraise all NFTs through expert valuation, providing inquirers with accurate prices and also providing appraisal nodes with respective rewards and returns. Solving the NFT valuation issue can greatly empower the NFT ecosystem and brings immense value. Nawarat hopes this protocol will be widely used, solving the NFT valuation issue and assisting in the development of the NFT ecosystem.

T14 — Storya

Storya is a new creator economy super-app that offers readers the chance to experience stories from anywhere in the world like never before. For creative writers, Storya offers free access to Artificial Intelligence and blockchain tools to create, share and monetize multimedia stories.

T15 — Let’s MeMe

Let’s MeMe is a web3 native marketing tool that helps web3 projects grow through a unique community-driven method of promotion and bringing real traffic growth.

T16 — forbitspace

Forbitspace is a multi-chain DEX aggregator that unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains. They allow crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and receive the BEST price on one single interface.

04 | Sponsors

A special thanks goes to the sponsoring organizations for this event:

  1. Numen Cyber

Numen Cyber is a Singapore-based cyber security company focusing on Web3 security, threat detection and response. They provide industry-leading Web3 Security Solutions, which completely cover all cybersecurity requirements of all kinds of Web3 application scenarios.

2. Slash

Slash is a one-stop Web3 SaaS platform that provides end-to-end self-service solutions for businesses and brands to create their own NFT business models by breaking down all tech barriers. Slash Genesis Pass Card is the passport to your NFT-Club, linking Web2 to Web3, and comes with many benefits.

3. Spheron

Spheron Network is a Web Hosting and Compute layer abstraction for Web2 and Web3 Companies to utilize the power of decentralized infrastructure. Spheron Network is a developer marketplace connecting we3 infrastructure protocol to developers wrapped in an easy-to-use no-code platform.

4. Bybit

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in March 2018 to offer a professional platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multilingual community support. The company provides innovative online spot and derivatives trading services, mining and staking products, and API support to retail and institutional clients worldwide, and strives to be the most reliable exchange for the emerging digital asset class.

05 | Judges

Thanks to all judges for your support and participation! This Demo Day, we have a total of 12 judges.

They are Ryan Lam from Cabin VC, Enzo from Youbi Capital, Ivy Zeng from Youbi Capital, Jonas Zhao from Cipholio, Jinya Lin from Mindfulness Capital, Kelsey Lee from Bitrise Capital, XR from Blockchain Founders Fund, Raghu from Buidlers Tribe, Alvin from NGC Ventures, FuChong from Atlas Capital, Darius from Polkastarter, and ZF from Moledao.

If you are a Web3.0 investor, you are more than welcome to attend our Demo Day to watch the project pitches. If you would like to be a judge or sponsor for upcoming Demo Days, please reach out to us as well.

06 | Demo Day Details

MoleStarter Pitching Day

> 14th December 2022 | 03:00pm — 5:30pm (GMT +8)
> Live on YouTube:

MoleUnicorn Pitching Day

> 15th December 2022 | 09:30pm — 12:15am (GMT +8)
> Live on YouTube:

Join us in the discussion in Moledao’s Discord!

07 | Additional Details

Congratulations once again to the shortlisted projects for our Demo Day!

Moledao will regularly run Demo Day every 2 to 3 months and if your project is not shortlisted or you missed signing up for Demo Day, keep building! You can polish your project and apply for future events.

You are also welcome to approach us to discuss any potential collaboration to help connect you with the resources needed to realise your goals.

MoleStarter Platform

In the meantime, we invite you to feature your project on our latest project showcase platform: MoleStarter

You will be able to feature what you’re working on to our community, which includes VCs and investors. This will also be a channel for users who would like to support your project via financial contributions directly to you.

If this sounds something of interest to you, you can register here!

08 | What is Moledao?

A community-led organization, established in August 2021 and backed by BYBIT.

All blockchain enthusiasts can learn about the latest developments in the industry at MoleDAO. With the help of experienced pioneers and innovators, we hope to build a community to connect and develop budding entrepreneurs in this space, facilitating collaborative efforts towards building the Web 3.0 ecosystem.


Welcome all blockchain enthusiasts to join MoleDAO and build the Web3.0 community together.

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