Demo Day shortlisting is over! Which project has caught your eye?

10 min readSep 21, 2022

Since Moledao was established last year, two global hackathons have been held to encourage blockchain developers to build projects in the Web3.0 space. Half a year on, many projects have matured and need more capital to develop and expand their products. Additionally, they also require more resources and support to grow as they enter the market.

To help entrepreneurial projects connect with investment institutions, as well as build their brand and grow their resource network, Moledao has organized our first Demo Day.

Demo Day is an event where teams present their projects to investors and developers in order to garner investment opportunities, attention and partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Registration was open for a month from 08 August 2022 to 09 September 2022. During this period, we received 44 valid project submissions, including both mature projects which have working products, as well as projects which are still in infancy.

Congratulations to the shortlisted projects for our Demo Day! If your project is not shortlisted, don’t be discouraged. Moledao will continue to follow up and connect you with the resources you need to empower you to realise your goals.

01 | MoleUnicons Shortlisted projects

Here are the seven MoleUnicons projects shortlisted from the 44 submissions in no particular order:


Libera is leading the supply chain revolution by utilizing the power of retail data. Libera harnesses the power of emerging enterprise AI and blockchain technology to make supply chains more profitable and sustainable for all stakeholders.

My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a fertile and bustling land where people live happily, socialize and make a living together. Anyone can be a part of the neighborhood by purchasing a piece of land. Players will be able to design and decorate their property to their heart’s content. Citizens can experiment with the landscape using in-game elements including NFTs in the form of vegetation, furniture, buildings, trees and more. The design of the landscape is unlimited and members of the neighbourhood can unleash their creative juices to design unique and artistic digital structures using the versatile tools available in My Meta Farm.


MoMeta is the world’s first immersive art gala metaverse. They create new 3D immersive experiences for arts and help blockchain pioneers, professional artists and growing influencers so that individuals can work together to co-create new art, packed in NFTs and be a part of Web 3.0.


Lighthouse allows users to have lifetime storage of files on the decentralized network at a fixed price. They are built on existing open-source platforms like IPFS and Filecoin which can easily integrate Lighthouse into their current stack. As IPFS and Filecoin are the most established and renowned blockchain storage protocols, Lighthouse will be very compatible with the existing stack for projects to migrate to.


Web3crunch is an open knowledge database focused on the web3 domain. Their goal is to intelligently explore valuable information in the web3 industry. These data include both off-chain and on-chain information, ranging from investment and financing information, news and social media to on-chain information. By tracking web3 data, web3crunch can help users gain access to a wider range of relevant data to aid users in making better decisions.

Planet2nd Metaverse

Planet2nd Metaverse is providing metaverse as a service. In Planet2nd Metaverse, players can create games, discover, interact with others, fight PvE & PvP battles, or just relax and explore the world while farming resources and crafting items. By hosting T2P node servers, players collectively contribute to the security and proper functioning of the Game Engine and cross-chain transactions.


Beanterra is an NFT game that will help to address the sustainability action-intention gap by rewarding eco-friendly individual actions. It is an engaging turn-based tactics game set in a dystopian earth-like planet populated by Beanels, mythical creatures that fight natural disasters brought about by climate change and evil Bemoths.

02 | MoleStarters Shortlisted projects

Initially, we only intended to shortlist eight MoleStarter projects. But due to the high quality of submissions we selected another two more, bringing it to a total of 10 projects shortlisted!

In no particular order, they are:


Daotion is a community-run stakeholder relationship management (SRM) protocol, which supplies SRM system for DAOs and Stakeholders in community member’s global collaborative governance, keeping growth and activity of the organization, crypto-native data resource to improving efficiency. Our core values maximises community consensus for DAOs by Stakeholders, helping to build a stronger community with members.

Glory Games

Glory Games is a play-to-earn project aimed at bringing game-fi to the masses through building a metaverse that connects communities through offline AR treasure hunt and online on-chain competitive game-play.


FORSIN is working on implementing a creator economy in Web 3.0. They provide solutions for IP builders in the form of an upstream service for the metaverse industry. This allows creators to create brand new IP and content for their communities, bringing forth a new era for content creators.


Moss is a thoughtfully-designed hub for news & events from across all your web3 communities. They provide a central hub to stay up-to-date with all your communities.


ContentFi is a place where everyone becomes an owner. It’s a community-owned decentralized sustainable IP-focused content financial ecosystem


CLIP is a revolutionary DeFi protocol that focuses on safety, usability and transparency for defi users. The protocol's API offers users the ability to access top protocols across multiple defi chains through a single interface.

Rosen Bridge

Rosen Bridge builds a parallel digital world based on blockchain technology, enabling users to create and preserve their memories permanently. Here, users can build their second life with a new virtual social identity and have the opportunity to gain from it.


Godel enables users and DAOs to quickly build 3D Meta NFT game scenes (shooting, parkour, playgrounds, farms, etc.) through 3D UGC, and achieve high-quality rendering under Web, Mobile, VR and other devices and platforms. Users can interact with each Meta scene through a customized 3D virtual human image, and publish the 3D Meta scene as NFT for trading and leasing in Godel NFT Marketplace. One-stop experience in Godel: the fun of creating, playing, leasing, trading, and socializing.


SonarMeta is a Web3.0 platform for users to generate vContents, value, and revolutionize the commercial model of Web2.0 UGC platform: Contents are completely owned by users. SonarMeta integrates a system of content consumption and dividend. Without violating user-sovereignty and ownership of their own content, SonarMeta aspires to establish a unique and rich content ecosystem for users to enjoy.


Charity3, a clever combination of Charity and Web3, is the most transparent and effient charity platform in Web 3.0. On this platform, donations are executed as on-chain transactions, which are open-source, secure and immutable, so that donors can securely track the flow of funds to their intended organisations.

03 | Services Providers

In addition to the prize pool, two of Moledao’s community partners will be providing additional benefits to the winning teams:

BEOSIN's support for the winning teams:

Audit services will be provided at a concessionary rate for the top three winning projects of both Demo Day groups.

  1. First prize: 100% off audit fee
  2. Second place: 50% off audit fee
  3. Third place: 20% off audit fee

Beosin is a Singapore-based Web3 security company. The business covers a full range of blockchain security products + services such as Blockchain Security Auditing, Blockchain Security Monitoring & Alert, Crypto KYT/KYC Risk Monitoring & Alert, Crypto Trace. Currently, they have provided security audit and defense deployments for more than 2,500 smart contracts and more than 100 blockchain platforms around the world. Serve.

zCloak's supports for the winning teams:

The zCloak team provides 100 mainnet DID minting and 500 Credential issuance quotas for the winning teams to experience zkID's private digital identity and digital credential services.

zCloak Network is a privacy-preserving computing platform. It enables a new computation paradigm where people can do computation/analysis of their data in client device, not in centralized servers. zCloak Network combines the latest progress in zero-knowledge cryptography and verifiable credentials to ensure both the computation process and the user data are trustworthy.

04 | Sponsors

A special thanks goes to the sponsoring organizations for this event:

1. NGC Ventures

NGC Ventures is one of the largest institutional investors in the blockchain space and distributed ledger technologies, and has been a key contributor to a number of leading blockchain projects.

2. Polkastarter

Polkastarter is the Leading Decentralized Fundraising Platform, a Protocol built for multi-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized and interoperable environment based on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Matic Network, and other blockchains.

3. One Global Blockchain Centre (OGBC)

OGBC is a leading incubator for Web 3.0 and they work with emerging cryptocurrency startups to build the infrastructure of the future. By leveraging OGBC's expertise, network and resources in the crypto space, companies and projects can reach their full potential in their efforts to develop innovative and valuable solutions for the growing number of users in the blockchain industry.

4. Starry Nift

StarryNift is a Web3 gamified metaverse co-creation platform, bringing to you immersive 3D virtual experiences where you can Play, Create and Socialize. Their mission is to empower creativity by technology and democratize value appreciation by crypto through a DAO. Their vision is to unlock new ways for creators, collectors, and investors to explore the metaverse of Game+Art+Defi+NFT ingredients.

5. Quest3

Quest3 is a Web3.0 quest and event platform incubated by Hogwarts Labs. Users can earn tokens and NFT badges by participating in quests and events. Quest3 is committed to providing a variety of permissionless on-chain and off-chain quests for GameFi, DAOs, communities and other projects, bringing continuous benefits for the users as well as the Web3 ecosystem.

6. Kuro Ventures

Kuro Ventures is a private fund founded in 2017 in London and reincorporated in Singapore in 2020. They focus on crypto and early stage technology investments. Their directive is to always keep their portfolio manageable and nimble, allowing them to continuously provide strategic assistance and consultancy to their investee companies.

7. Bybit

Bybit's vision is to become the crypto ark of the world. It aims to revolutionize the industry by fusing the best qualities of cryptocurrency and traditional finance. The innovative, highly advanced, user-friendly platform has been designed from the ground-up using best-in-class infrastructure to provide users with the industry's safest, fastest, fairest and most transparent trading experience.

05 | Judges

This Demo Day, we have a total of 12 judges, they are Darius from Polkastarter, Mavis from Mirana, Jayden from One Global Blockchain Centre (OGBC), Alvin from NGC Ventures, Jasper from Beosin, Sarah from Impossible Finance, Wang Hao from IDEG, Yuan from Starry Nift, Chess from HogwartsLabs, Nick Nie from China Creation Ventures (CCV), Jiva from Atlas Capital, and Yang Yang from IOSG Ventures.

Thanks to all judges for your support and participation. If you are a Web3.0 investor, you are more than welcome to attend our Demo Day and connect with the projects.

06 | What is Moledao?

A community-led organization, established in August 2021 and backed by BYBIT.

All blockchain enthusiasts can learn about the latest developments in the industry at MoleDAO. With the help of experienced pioneers and innovators, we hope to build a community to connect and develop budding entrepreneurs in this space, facilitating collaborative efforts towards building the Web 3.0 ecosystem.


Welcome all blockchain enthusiasts to join MoleDAO and build the Web3.0 community together.

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