Demo Day shortlisting is over! Which project has caught your eye?

01 | MoleUnicons Shortlisted projects

Here are the seven MoleUnicons projects shortlisted from the 44 submissions in no particular order:

02 | MoleStarters Shortlisted projects

Initially, we only intended to shortlist eight MoleStarter projects. But due to the high quality of submissions we selected another two more, bringing it to a total of 10 projects shortlisted!

03 | Services Providers

In addition to the prize pool, two of Moledao’s community partners will be providing additional benefits to the winning teams:

  1. First prize: 100% off audit fee
  2. Second place: 50% off audit fee
  3. Third place: 20% off audit fee

04 | Sponsors

A special thanks goes to the sponsoring organizations for this event:

05 | Judges

This Demo Day, we have a total of 12 judges, they are Darius from Polkastarter, Mavis from Mirana, Jayden from One Global Blockchain Centre (OGBC), Alvin from NGC Ventures, Jasper from Beosin, Sarah from Impossible Finance, Wang Hao from IDEG, Yuan from Starry Nift, Chess from HogwartsLabs, Nick Nie from China Creation Ventures (CCV), Jiva from Atlas Capital, and Yang Yang from IOSG Ventures.

06 | What is Moledao?

A community-led organization, established in August 2021 and backed by BYBIT.



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