MoleGather — Demo Day #3: Back and Bigger than Ever!

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Moledaos’ Demo Day is back! Our first Demo Day of 2023 will be happening March 31st!

Looking to get your project in front of VCs and Institutions? Read on to find out more!

Why Demo Day?

On top of large-scale global hackathons, smaller events, such as Demo Days, are also indispensable in developing the blockchain ecosystem. Many new Web 3.0 projects need more channels to gain access to funding and human resources. Moledao’s vision is to build a one-stop blockchain ecosystem to guide more people to buidl, grow, and empower themselves. Demo Day hopes to achieve this vision.

What is Demo Day?

Demo Day is a day which commonly refers to project showcases organised by an incubator, accelerator, or in our case, community (Moledao), whereby founders pitch their projects to a room full of investors, in the hope of securing investment and potential mentorship.

Each Demo Day, Moledao will invite prominent Web 3.0 investors to join the event. Interested investors are welcome to email us at to join future seasons of Demo Day.

When Will Demo Day #3 Be Held?

Demo Day will be held by Moledao every quarter. They may be completely online, or they may be a hybrid event which combines both online and offline activities.

MoleGather — Demo Day #3 will be held in March 31st completely online. Demo Day #3 will be a public event. We warmly welcome all startup projects and investors in Web 3.0 to participate.

Who Are The Judges of Demo Day #3?

  1. Arcane
    Arcane Group is a global multi-stage venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain businesses across the whole spectrum. They invest in entrepreneurs and ideas that build on and unlock the potential of Web3.
  2. Beosin
    Beosin is a leading global blockchain security company co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities and there are 40+ PhDs in the team. It has offices in Singapore, Korea, Japan and 10+ other countries.
  3. Capital
    Led by Bobby Bao, Co-Founder of and Managing Director of Capital — they are a founder-first fund that supports early-stage companies as they build the future of Web3.
  4. Credit Scend
    Credit Scend is a comprehensive crypto consulting company that grows with clients, where top experts in each field analyze client portfolios and needs and comprehensively design web 3.0 and crypto projects.
  5. Polkastarter
    Polkastarter is the Leading Decentralized Fundraising Platform, a Protocol built for multi-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized and interoperable environment based on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Matic Network, and other blockchains
  6. QCP Capital
    QCP Capital is a full-suite crypto asset trading firm. They give investors bespoke access to a new class of opportunities, backed by institutional-grade experience, research and infrastructure. Our experts are on hand around-the-clock to navigate the ever-evolving markets with you.
  7. Rising Capital
    Rising Capital is a Singapore head-quartered ‘Digital Assets Management’ firm focused on investing in diversified crypto strategies of brilliant founders in South East Asia & India.
  8. Signum Capital
    Signum Capital invests in distributed ledger technologies and crypto assets. We support game-changing projects that advance us towards the future of blockchain-enabled socioeconomic transformation.
  9. Tribe Accelerator
    Tribe Accelerator is a globally focused blockchain accelerator that selects the most promising growth-stage startups utilizing blockchain technology to tackle real-world problems and supercharge their go-to-market strategies through its global network.
  10. Hashed
    Hashed is a team of blockchain experts and builders based in Seoul and Silicon Valley. They believe that decentralization has the power to transform not only the global economy, but the very fabric of the internet.

How to Participate

For Projects who are interested to apply for the Demo Day, there are 2 options:

Open Applications
All Projects are welcome to apply via our public form. There is no entry fee or additional cost to applications. Do bear in mind that only shortlisted projects will be informed at the end of the selection process

The application period is between 10th February — 14th March

To signup you can use the link below:

Partnered Projects
There are several slots set aside for projects who are committing contributions or sponsorships to help support the Moledao ecosystem and event. If you would like to learn more about this — please reach out to us via to learn more

For all interested projects make sure to check out our participants guide!

Key Dates

Application Period for Projects
Feb 10th — Mar 14th

Shortlisting Period
15 March — 21 March

Industry Content Week
21 March — 30 March

Demo Day #3
Date: March 31st


Demo Day #2s Livestream event!

We are excited to be hosting Demo Day #3 to help push the Web 3.0 Space forward! Even if you are not a project, you can still participate by viewing the Demo Day as it will be livestreamed.

We look forward to hosting your applications and support this Demo Day!

About Moledao

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