Time to Know MoleDAO’s Story

We aim to: BUIDL, GROW, and Empower.

🛠 BUIDL | building a blockchain community
Connecting global blockchain enthusiasts through hackathons, networking events, and sharing.


Moledao’s ultimate goal is to nurture talent, inspire creativity, and empower the entire blockchain industry.

What we have done so far

Developer construction support: Global hackathons can be a platform for us to provide developers with technical support from zero to one. We have already launched two global hackathons, attracting more than 100+ projects and 300+ developers. Through Moledao, developers can enjoy lifelong learning, project funding, project mentoring, and the opportunity to win Grants and prizes.


Welcome all blockchain enthusiasts to join Moledao and build the Web3.0 community together.



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⛏We are digging for undiscovered blockchain talents. Discord: https://discord.gg/5m4w49uXJg